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Andrea trained as a mental health nurse and worked for many years with people with mental and physical disabilities before marrying a farmer and becoming a mother.

Most of her early life Andrea took antibiotics once or twice a year for recurring infections until she tried homeopathy and the infections did not re-occur. From then on she used homeopathy on herself, her family and the animals on their farm and she hasn't used antibiotics for over 30 years now.

She was so impressed with the results that she decided to become a homeopath

In 2005 Andrea qualified from the Welsh School of Homeopathy after 4 years of study and has been committed to further professional development ever since.

Over the years Andrea has been treating people with all kinds of conditions, from newly born to 90 years old. Due to her background in mental health she has also helped many people with mental and emotional challenges. She has a friendly but professional attitude and an open mind.

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